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GEO’s proprietary Electrokinetic Remediation System removes contaminants and evenly distributes chemical and/or biological amendments using low voltage DC electric fields generated through small diameter electrodes.  Because its anode-and-cathode direct current effects, EKR is effective in low permeability soils such as silts and clays. Heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, semi-volatile organic compounds and certain inorganics can effectively be treated in-situ with minimal disturbance (i.e. no vapor treatment required; only low voltage electrical supply used).

When ISCO reagents are utilized, contaminant mass is destroyed in-situ, with complete distribution of reagents realized with the EKR process even in low permeability and heterogeneous lithologies.

Low temperature in situ thermal treatment often specifies

or requires the use of an Electrokinetic Remediation System

to evenly increase subsurface and contaminate temperature to between 30°C - 50°C. EKR accommodates enhanced biodegradation, hydrolysis or chemical oxidation reactions in a matter of months, in a controlled and monitored setting. Metals and organics mobilized with groundwater may be extracted at the electrodes and then treated in a simple water treatment module.

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