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GEO is a California licensed C-57 Well Driller.  GEO provides limited access environmental drilling and remediation well installation services.  With its customized man portable auger / hollow stem auger drill rig, GEO is able to drill in some of the most limited access locations.  GEO's limited access drill rigs have installed soil vapor extraction wells, monitoring wells and thermal remediation wells at demanding project locations.

Unique Features of GEO's Drill Rig:

  • Access through standard single personnel doors

  • 8 ft overhead clearance possible for well installations

  • Installs 2, 4, 6 inch well diameters

  • Remote hydraulic power source can be positioned outside so no exhaust fumes emitted in indoor areas

  • Hollow stem augers

  • California-modified split spoon soil sampling capable


GEO provides operations, maintenance and site management services at environmental remediation projects.  GEO is experienced in operating common remedial technologies such as soil vapor extraction, dual- and multiple-phase extraction, groundwater pump & treat, and air sparging and vapor intrusion mitigation systems.   

Call or email today for a customized review of your site's OM&M requirements and a professional, competitive quote!
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